The beach of Padulella is part of the white beaches of the north coast of Portoferraio, among the most loved by Elbani and tourists for their striking beauty.
The beach is located to the east of Punta Capobianco that protects it from the westerly winds, while on the right, a small cliff separates it from the beach of the Ghiaia and the beach of Cala dei Frati.
The Padulella is surrounded by tall white cliffs that plunge into the crystal clear and blue sea, creating a balance of colors.
About 170 meters long, the beach is formed by polished white pebbles and in some periods you can find stretches of beached posidonia due to the strong storm surges. The cove is part of the biological protection zone that extends from punta Capobianco to Punta Falcone and, wide up to the cliff (including).
Thanks to the establishment in 1971 of the marine reserve area and the shallows on the right of the beach, the sea is rich in fauna and very suitable for snorkeling.